Angelic cushions


Once upon a time I so very much loved making cushion covers. I know exactly when that period ended, when my little boy was diagnosed with cancer and life was put on hold. But since he has been basically “all better” for a little while now I am slowly regaining time to do these sorts of things. I was at my mum’s on the weekend and she was asking me questions about a couple of cushions I had made for her. Just looking at them awakened a desire to make some! These cushions are both from a while ago, but I love them! I want to make some more. I really don’t know what I did with these – I guess they were presents for someone. So all I have to do now is find some fabric that I really like (as much as the fabric used for these!)

*The embroidery images for these cushions are NOT my design – some one else is much more talented than me! “Angel Blessings” is an original design by Buzzy Bee Buttons. The “Angels of Love” pattern I borrowed and so I don’t remember who it’s creator was – my apologies.

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