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Ribbon Stand


I don’t know if I can really take much credit for this project. As my sister is also into card making I thought a stand for all her ribbons would be a great gift for Christmas. I designed what I thought was functional and then turned to my younger brother and husband to make it. I really wanted to do this myself, but I don’t own a router, and I was somewhat time starved this Christmas – I’ve learnt a big lesson for next year (I’m starting now!).

 It’s made from 3 pieces of pine and 2 pieces of dowel. My brother did all the cutting (with a little help from me) and routing. The dowel slides in from the front or back and sits snuggly in a groove in the middle.

My husband had the task of gluing and nailing it together, and he even took the time to stain it for me!

The few rolls of SU! ribbon I own fit the dowel perfectly. I think it turned out quite nice. I even managed to get them to make a second one for a friend. Now I just need one of my own – maybe this will be my opportunity to give it a go all by myself!

2 thoughts on “Ribbon Stand”

  1. Looks great!

    When you get around to making one for yourself you can just make another one for me to buy off you 🙂

  2. so awesome Aliessa – you are super super clever!!!!! neat and organised – just what every crafter needs help being!!! xxx

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