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Kids Holiday Craft

Kids get bored. I should know this, but every time the school holdiays come around, I am in need of a reminder and my poor kids suffer for the first little bit until I get my act together and give them something to do!

Today was that day. Once again I have used an idea from Nichole Heady. My oldest son loves jokes. He will read me jokes from his joke book for hours if I let him. So this cute little knock-knock book was an ideal activity.

Now, these are not the most polished, but I thought the kids did a great job…


And look at the concentration on their faces, they enjoyed making them!

Nichole has provided instructions and a ready-made template for the knock-knock jokes, click here to view them.

We used plain printer paper for the jokes (Nichole’s template is excellent, but needs a little trimming for Australian paper); some cardstock I had from previous projects for the cover; a number of SU! stamp sets; and a couple of punches for the embellishments. We joined it all together with a hinged ring (from office works). Super easy, my 3 year old even had a go, although he ditched us for his toy tools pretty quickly!

We also made some very simple book marks.

Now I just have to think of something to do each day for the next 3 weeks! Any ideas?

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