My Clever Husband!

In a 3 bedroom home with 4 kids and all my craft stuff, sometimes it seems a bit tight. Our oldest son has got to an age where he needs a bit of privacy so we moved him into the “study” which really means the junk room. It was the room where all my craft stuff lives, the computer was living and anything we didn’t know where to put it went. To get a bed in there we cleaned it up quite nicely. However, the closet in his room is quite useless (really it should go, but is currently stuffed with, well stuff). So we had all his clothes stored under the bed in some boxes as drawers (sounds horrble, but was quite functional until the boxes started to deteriorate). Enter “My Clever Husband”. We know you can buy under bed drawers, but I really wanted to make some. So, my husband took up the challenge and this is what we got…

I may be bias, but I think he did a fantastic job! And it matches our son’s bed perfectly!


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