3D projects

Valentines Day

I’m a bit slow on the uptake these days, hence, today I am catching up on a few things! I’m not big on the commercialisation of Valentines day, but I do love so many people and I like to tell them so. On Sundays we go to church, so before we left this week just gone, I sat down and made my family members each a place card and love note…

It was super simple. I originally wanted to make each of them a small easel card, but when I messed that up twice I adapted it into these little name cards. It is just a 4″ x 2″ piece of cardstock with a valley/mountain fold just off centre, joined at the ends to form the peak with a narrow fold and double sided tape.

I used the Simply Said stamp set with ruby red and chocolate chip ink on pink pirouhette cardstock to make the heart on the front

On the back I stamped “love you” from the short & sweet set in choc chip ink. I also used my choc chip marker to write their name (although this one says My one true love – gotta be my husband).

Then I wrote each of my children and my husband a little note on a square of printer paper telling them something I love about them, rolled it up and slipped it inside. I was so pleased with their reaction. My daughter was so excited she wasn’t willing to wait until dinner after church to read it (although that was just too bad – she waited). In response my husband got me to make one extra and he wrote a little note for me too.

So, although it is belated Happy Valentines Day!


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