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Mother’s Day Gift Class April 27, 2010

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It has been soooo long since our last class! I can’t believe it was at Christmas! Oh well, here are the details for our Mother’s Day Gift Class:

We will be making 2 sets of this beautiful gift box and matching card. Your choice of colour from Pink Pirouhette (pictured – sorry for the poor quality in photograhpy!), or Baja Breeze (pale blue), or one of each.

When:  Thrusday 6th May

Time:  7.30pm

Venue: My house (address will be given upon RSVP)

Cost: $10 (all materials included)

RSVP toAliessa at: or mobile 0402 298 903 (places are limited so please RSVP to reserve yours!)

Looking forward to a great night! Love to see you there!

Box: I have used the original design by Marelle Taylor

Card: I first saw this design used by Lisa Guy.


Birthday Chalk board

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This week just gone my nephew had his 4th birthday. Recently their family have moved into their own home and my sister has been doing up her children’s bedrooms. So for my nephew’s birthday I really wanted to make something he would use and would match the room.

So my husband and I got to making this chalk board for him. We had fun, learnt some new things and our little nephew took it straight to his room and scribbled all over it with his new chalk!



Face Painting April 9, 2010

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One of our children’s most favourite things to do is have their faces painted. Every holiday (and sometimes in the afternoon when they get home from school) we pull out the face paints at least once – it’s always a fun time!

My daughter always wants to be a princess, so I’ve had a bit of practice with this one…

My third youngest will always ask to be a super hero – so in this case it’s a mix between batman & spiderman

And my oldest always likes to give me a challenge – never will he ask for the same one twice. Today he wanted to be Bowswer from Super Mario Bros. (if you are not familiar with SMB, Bowser is a beefy, scary looking turtle – very glad we had the DS on hand to use as a reference!)

I think it actually looks kinda cute on him…

So now they’re running around with their faces painted, having a ball! This is so easy to do for your kids. You can buy face paints at Spotlight. I think we paid $20 for a starter kit of the 3 primary colours plus black and white, with a paint brush and sponge. We bought it about 2 years ago now and it’s still going.

Here’s a couple of others we’ve attempted. This one is my personal favourite, we call it the dinosaur

The three muskateers as dinosaur, flower fairy & a zombie I believe was the request this time, he has snakes coming out of his eyes, eeyew!

and Frankenstein

We’ve had lady beetles, the reaper, shrek, butterflies, pirates, dogs, spiderman, superman, a laughing basketball, and so much fun! Give it try with your kids some time – happy memories in the making!



Clever Husband strikes again! April 1, 2010

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For YEARS I have wanted one of these! But couldn’t justify the price tag – after all it’s just a toilet roll holder. Finally, my husband and I got around to making one! So excited!! And I can honestly say I really did help with this one! See those two hearts on the front? Yep, I cut them out (do I sound a little proud of myself – sorry, but sometimes I just can’t keep it in! hehe). My husband was all the muscle, with the hammer (I acted as the “clamps” holding it together), saw, staining and varnishing. And a little help from my brother-in-law as we still don’t own a router. But I am really happy with the way it has turned out. Such a nice addition to our…ahem, toilet room. 🙂



A couple of bags



Just a couple of weeks ago a friend was blessed with a new addition to their family. This cute bag I first saw the design for at Adelisa Designs, made by Lisa (It has originally come from Makeesha Byl). When I saw Lisa’s I thought “What a great (and inexpensive) idea!) And you can coordinate the bag with a matching card! Yay! So I chose some pretty pink paper, whipped up the box, added a couple of baby items and a matching card. You can just see my card envelope poking out the top, but I didn’t think to photograph it before sealing the envelope! Oh well.  The Sentiment on the bag is from DJ inkers clipart.

The second bag, funnily enough, is going to the same family for another daughter who is having a birthday. This time I remembered to photograph the card too!

Nice and basic, but cutesy too. In the bag I collected a bunch of craft supplies suitable for a 3 year old girl and voila, one present ready to go! (It helped that most of the craft supplies I had on hand!)



Easter Gifts

Whew! We’re almost there already!! I can’t believe it. This year for Easter our family decided to minimise our spending (like at Christmas), and focus more on the Saviour, so I had a lot less shopping to do! Yay! However, I still made some gifts for the kids teachers.

First up, this gorgeous little bunny idea came from Marelle. How cute is he?? 

I especially love his “fluffy” white tail! It is just 4 scallop cirles held together with a brad and scrunched up. (I’m sure this idea came from Amy in the form of a paper flower – just a little adaption!)

And his face is made from circle punches (1 3/4″, 1″ & 1/2″), the ears I cut using my cricut. I’ve given the face a little depth by inking the edges of the large cirlce and the cheeks. And I’ve popped up his cheeks with a couple of foamies.  I finished him off with a little bow tie and tag (also from my cricut), and filled up his belly with eggs and peanut mms! Yum!


The second gift I made for teachers is Nichole Heady’s really cute bird box!! I first saw this over at Amy’s blog. If you want to have a go yourself click on Nichole’s link.

So, I’ve copied Amy’s idea of leaving one side open (but held closed with a hemp twine bow). So as not to destroy the gorgeous little creation when extracting the yummy goodies inside!

I really enjoyed making both projects, I think because the outcome was so rewarding!



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