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Face Painting

One of our children’s most favourite things to do is have their faces painted. Every holiday (and sometimes in the afternoon when they get home from school) we pull out the face paints at least once – it’s always a fun time!

My daughter always wants to be a princess, so I’ve had a bit of practice with this one…

My third youngest will always ask to be a super hero – so in this case it’s a mix between batman & spiderman

And my oldest always likes to give me a challenge – never will he ask for the same one twice. Today he wanted to be Bowswer from Super Mario Bros. (if you are not familiar with SMB, Bowser is a beefy, scary looking turtle – very glad we had the DS on hand to use as a reference!)

I think it actually looks kinda cute on him…

So now they’re running around with their faces painted, having a ball! This is so easy to do for your kids. You can buy face paints at Spotlight. I think we paid $20 for a starter kit of the 3 primary colours plus black and white, with a paint brush and sponge. We bought it about 2 years ago now and it’s still going.

Here’s a couple of others we’ve attempted. This one is my personal favourite, we call it the dinosaur

The three muskateers as dinosaur, flower fairy & a zombie I believe was the request this time, he has snakes coming out of his eyes, eeyew!

and Frankenstein

We’ve had lady beetles, the reaper, shrek, butterflies, pirates, dogs, spiderman, superman, a laughing basketball, and so much fun! Give it try with your kids some time – happy memories in the making!


1 thought on “Face Painting”

  1. hehehehe – Jackson does a great deer in headlights look – adds to the scare factor!!!! heheheheh Love your face painting Aliessa – you’re right, its always a hit with the kids hey…xxx

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