Birthday Cards

Is it just me, or do birthday’s always all seem to come at once? The last few weeks have been filled with birthdays so I spent some time making a few cards…

For this card my inspiration came from Teneale, her card is much more detailed than mine (and mine really turned out nothing like hers in the end – but I’m still very happy with it!) 

I don’t know where I was going with this card, but it turned out ok??


This one I have CASED from Marelle. I have posted a similar one previously, I just used some diffent DS paper and inks this time around.


The simplicity of this card was due to time constraints. I threw it together in about 10 mins for my niece right before we were to walk out the door. I was however pleased with the result or I wouldn’t have posted it here or given it to her! 🙂

I REALLY like this card. I have CASEd it from Sarah Jane Kale, with a few missing details and alternate colour choices. You can view her GORGEOUS card here.

And the final card, simple but elegant?

I made a couple of each so that I didn’t have to think too much :S. I really enjoyed making each of them. The problem now is I will need to sit down and make a bunch more so that I am prepared for the coming months!

Have a great week!



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