MORE birthday cards!!

The birthdays continue! When the last stash ran out I sat down to make some more…

This card was inspired by Teneale Williams. I loved her card as soon as I saw it and wanted to make one as similar as I could!

…inside. Mine is not as detailed as Teneale’s, but I really like it!

What I like most about this card (and the next couple) is that you could easily change the sentiment and make the card for just about anything! I experimented a bit with this one too. See the background? I used 2 definitions from the stamp set “Life Definitions” – wish and happy, and alternated them to fill the space. Admittedly it needs a bit more to fill some blanks, but I like the effect, and the definitions coordinate with the sentiment ‘wish big’ (from short and sweet).  I will try some others on another I think!

“Cheep Talk” is so versatile!!

So cute and so simple! My favourite kind of card. After making these last few I thought I might add a little more detail when I make some more by stamping the pear and bird again on a scrap of white, cut it out and mount it on foamies to make it pop a little, and possibly the sentiment too just to give it some balance??

I’ve enjoyed making all these birthday cards! Years ago, when I was first married, I used to make cards for every occasion. In the last few years I became a bit cynical and decided just to make tags as I realised a lot of the cards would be thrown out fairly quickly. But recently (the last year, I guess) I decided it really doesn’t matter what the recipient does with it, I find satisfaction in doing something I enjoy. And if the recipients are anything like me – perhaps it won’t be thrown out? I like to keep special made cards that are given to me…

 Enjoy your day!



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