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Wood craft

And one final post for today! I love to cut out and paint wood things (I don’t even know what the correct name for it is!) It is something that I have let go for a long time. Recently I had a whole day to myself (my wonderful mum and dad looked after my 4 kiddies for 2 nights to give me a much needed rest). So during that day I did as much crafting as I could! I’ve already posted most of the things I made that day, but this one I forgot about…

I was so proud of the first one of these I made many years ago (I think because the image is mostly my design instead of copying from someone else for a change – but to give credit the idea of a door frame sitter is obviously not mine and I did see a picture drawn somewhere of a lady holding a teddy by the hand and that’s where the basis of the lady is from). I had a couple cut out that I had forgotten about so I relaxed in painting for a number of hours and finished them off! I also made a bathroom door sign (which again I am proud of because it really is all my design, doesn’t happen often – so sorry if I sound a bit conceited, that’s not my intention – just excited that I did something myself!!) I’m not totally happy with it yet, it needs a bit of tweaking I think. So when I get ’round to fixing it I’ll post it!

Hope your day is going GREAT!



1 thought on “Wood craft”

  1. gee whiz you HAVE been busy haven’t you!!!!! I am so impressed!!!! All of these items are gorgeous and atristic and just great!!! I love all your cheep talk cards – I still don’t own that set – must get around to buying it myself I think!!!! The babyshower looked awesome and I LOVED the gifts – so so sweet!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!! xxx

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