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Wooden Blocks

My sister-in-law has a wonderful talent for decorating, and she doesn’t seem to even try – her house is a gorgeous country style. Anyway, she has a number of bookshelves around her home with different objects adorning them. One of  the ones I really admire is a set of wooden blocks that spell out Love. A friend recently had a birthday so I thought I would like to try to make her these blocks. The original blocks are painted, and that is what I intended to do, however, I was unable to find the right quality of paint in a hurry and the paint I used to substitute was not so great. As a result I was really unimpressed witht he final product. I remembered Adele had made some really lovely blocks for her mum a while back that used paper, so I used her idea and changed the blocks a bit…

I left the back and sides of the blocks painted in ‘Raw Umber’, which is a rich, dark brown. and used DSP to cover the horrid front panel. All the chipboard letters I own were too small for the taller blocks so I was very pleased to discover I am able to cut out chipboard with my cricut!! To make the letters a bright white colour I coated them in versa mark ink and then white embossing powder, heated them and voila, bright white chipboard lettering! They didn’t turn out perfect, but as this was my first attempt I was still pleased enough to use them.

Along the same lines I made these ‘family’ blocks for a sisters birthday (this is basically the set Adele made, I just used different coulours).

A lot of satisfaction came in making these. I like them so much I will have to make myself a set!

Happy crafting!



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