Some quick cards

My heavily pregnant sister FINALLY had her baby!! It’s a beautiful little GIRL!! After how sick she has been and all the false starts, we were all relieved that she finally graced us with her presence 🙂 (None more than my sister though!)

Anyway, that was on Sunday, so Sunday night we jumped in the car and went out to visit the newest little addition. She was a week overdue but only weighed 6lb 12 ounces! Amazing!

This is the card I made for her – it was put together quickly because she was born while we were at church, so we barely stopped at home before driving out to visit.

I just love these little birdies from Cheep Talk! They lend themselves to any occasion – and they’re just so darn cute!!

The second card I made 2 of for some young ladies birthday’s at church that are in the class my husband and I teach.

Super simple. I have rediscovered my scallop square, and I like it! The little present is 2/3 of the present from Happy moments (SAB free set). I coloured it in with the blender pen and sponge, then squeezed a drop of crystal effects over each circle on the top present.

Right, I’m off, my little one is desperate to play Nick Jnr and I’m copping quite an earful for taking too long to get off!

Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Some quick cards”

  1. ohhhh I love these cards! How pretty!!!! And yes, you DO make that scallop square look absolutley fabulous! Clever clever you! xxx xxx xxx And YAY for Emma!!!! Hope everything is perfectly good now…:)

  2. These are REALLY cute Aliessa! And I loved all the little bits you did for the baby shower – they were all lovely. Looks like you had a great time!

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