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Family Time – Not craft related!

It is school holidays at the moment, which is wonderful! I love not having to worry about the rush in the morning to get the kids ready, lunches made, bags packed and out the door by 8.25am. Sometimes finding things to entertain the kids is a little hard, but we get by.

Last week we went camping with a few friends. It was SO nice. A really lovely spot and so relaxing. We camped at Spring Gully Stays just south of Cunungra in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Our spot was right on a bend in the river.

The kids had a great time playing along the edge of the river, collecting tadpoles, throwing rocks, playing in the mud…

And the big boys (2 of them are the daddys!) decided to build a rock bridge from our camp to the other side of the river so that they could cross over without getting their shoes wet.

They were building for about an hour and they really did a good job. They had a base to start from as there was a small “waterfall” already there (lovely ambiance – but took a little to get used to when sleeping 🙂 ).

Spring Gully Stays has lovely amenites, what with a civilised bathroom (such an improvement on last years camp!) and a  great area for playing cricket, we had a ball and could have spent the whole time right there.

However, we did decide to take a trip one afternoon up into the mountains to visit O’Reilly’s. I had never been up there, but heard it was great. Rob has been, but not for about 15 years. It was a scary drive up, with narrow roads (half marked as “one lane next…km”) accompanied by sheer drop offs and no guardrails. I am a nervous, anxious person at the best of times, so this was an interesting drive 🙂

Having said that, it was totally worth it! At the top we piled out of the cars and walked over to the little shop, where we discovered the bird feeding. For $4 (and a $10 deposit which you get back) you get some seed in a big silver tray. The moment you walk out the door of the shop these gorgeous red and green parrots come swooping in to feed. The sign recommends wearing a hat and long sleeves to protect your body, unfortunately we weren’t really dressed appropriately so some came away a bit scratched up.


There is about a 10 metre walk to the bird feeding area, and you get bombarded the whole way there.

I spent most of the time behind the camera, but when a bird came and landed on me I quickly got my sister to take a photo! Cool experience!

Harrison thought they were pretty cool – although he also thought they were good to chase

Even Hyrum wanted to get a closer look

It took Liv a little while to decide she wanted to get ‘up close and personal’ with the birds, but I know she’s glad she did eventually!

Jackson jumped straight in to have a go

And Daddy? Well…

“Just call me BIRD MAN”. He had birds all over him for the half hour that we were in the feeding area. (And he loved it as much as the kids).

We took a quick walk through the rainforest along the boardwalk – we avoided the treetop climb (prams don’t really do too well in trees), and enjoyed the walk through the tree tops on the suspension bridge.

We really enjoyed our few days away. It was a great camping holiday.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week!



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