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Some scrapbooking November 29, 2010

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A friend mentioned to me last week¬†a great scrapbooking website 2 Peas in a Bucket, which I’m sure heaps of people know about – just not me! ūüôā

Any who, I popped over to have a look and was excited by a challenge they have until this Thursday. It is to create a scrapbook layout and incorporate the lyrics of a song. This was exciting because, about 15 months ago Rob took a photo of me, Harrison and Hyrum sitting all together, nice and snuggly just enjoying the moment. Straight away I knew I wanted to scrap that photo and use the words of Rob Thomas’ song “Little Wonders”. I LOVE this song. I’ve said many times to my kids it’s my theme song. And the chorus descibes the moment captured in the photo so perfectly. So, when I saw the challenge, I decided it was about time I actually scrapped that photo.

First, this is the photo. It’s a bit grainy because it was taken on the iPhone, but I don’t care, the moment was captured, so I must make do!

I wasn’t entirely happy with the finished product – it feels like it’s missing something, but after fighting off the youngest member of our family every time I sat down to do this, I decided it will have to do! In my head all I could see was the photo and the words, so that’s enough right?

Just in case anyone is wondering the lyrics for the chorus (and the words I’ve used) are:

Our lives are made, in these small hours.

These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate

Time falls away, but these small hours,

These small hours, still remain…

I hope you’re having a great Monday, it was quite warm here!




The Chore Chart November 20, 2010

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A number of posts ago I mentioned a great chore chart idea I saw on How Does She? I finally got around to finishing mine!

My kids LOVE it!
I made mine a little different from the example.

I used wood that was less than $2 for the length at Bunnings. So I didn’t ge the exact size 4 x 2, but it was close enough. Also the drill bit I used to cut the small circles in the top of each child’s block was smaller than they used, so for the chore sticks I used paddle pop sticks instead of tongue depressers. I also drilled 2 holes in the top instead of just 1. I thought that the front hole could be for “to do” and the back “done”. That way I can easily see when they’ve completed each job.

¬†For each child I have assigned 3 “must¬†do” jobs (make bed, tidy room, put clothes away) and then they can choose 1 (or maybe 2 as they get older) other jobs to¬†do each day for one week. For those jobs I have sweep kitchen, wash breakfast dishes, dry dinner dishes, vacuum rugs, tidy verandah, wipe bathroom sink and clear the table. Even my youngest (18mths) has his own block, one day he’ll be big enough to join in properly (although some days he is the BIGGEST helper I have – SO, SO CUTE!)

Anyway, so after cutting and drilling (I started to do this task, but my husband decided it was a man’s job and took over), I covered each block in a colour to suit each child. I’ve used all retired SU DSP. I love how bright it looks! Once I finally got through all that gluing, waiting for it to dry, sanding and then repeating to cover all the sides, I stuck on the vinyl cut with my cricut, and sprayed on the varnish.¬†I think I’ve just used Comic Sans MS as the font. Alison at How Does She, had her base block saying “Chores are fun”, to try and send her kids a subliminal message – what a GREAT idea! I decided to go with “We like to help” so that the word chore was no where to be seen. I hope it makes it more enticing (I can dream – I do that lots!). And as the kids get to choose an extra job, I titled that block as well.

As I said, I got a great reaction from the kids. As I’m typing my 4 year old is over at it trying to get high enough to choose his extra job (we haven’t done that yet as I want to do it each Monday night as part of Family Home Evening).¬†I can report that day 1 (Saturday) has seen the 3 must do jobs completed quickly & enthusiastically!

This was a really fun and simple, if a little time consuming, project.
Wish me luck for the next few weeks as it’s implemented!



A Christmas Planner November 18, 2010

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Well, I’ve told you how much I admire Dawn McVey. For today’s post I have made a Christmas Planner that I saw on Dawn’s Blog (click here to see hers). I am a list girl. I make lists for EVERYTHING. And often I will make 2 or 3 lists for the same event. I like to have something to refer to, to make sure I¬†don’t forget anything. So this project was ideal for me!

I started with a neutral colour CS. My size is slightly bigger than Dawn’s to accomodate an Australian C6 envelope. So, this size is 9 1/2″ x 6 5/8″. folded in half. First I used the snowflake image from SU Season of Joy and the small snowflake in SU Short and Sweet to create a seasonal background in versamark. Then I’ve added a length of deep red ribbon (recycled from a gift), topped it with a Papertrey Mat Stack 4 die cut and a gorgeous scallop circle flower. I’ve hand written Christmas Planner ’10.

Inside I’ve seperated each section with a title page. for this one, I ran it through the Big Shot with the bottom 2/3 in a woodgrain embossing folder. Then I’ve wrapped a length of ribbon around where the embossing folder ended. Again I’ve used the mat stack 4 die, topped with a red doily cut with my cricut, a 1 3/4″circle in the middle and the lettering is my cheap little letters set from crazy clarks!

For this divider I’ve run it through the Big Shot with a polka dot embossing folder. I’ve die cut a length of rick a rack from red CS. The mat stack 4 die is topped with a smaller doily shape, the snowflake from SU Season of Joy punched out with the 1 1/4″ circle punch. I’ve added a little bit of detail around the edge of the mat stack 4 by drawing in stitching lines with my SU Choc Chip marker. Then finally the Food tag is again stamped on.

On the tops of the note pages I’ve stamped Family, friends (for the gifts section) and Christmas Day, Snacks (for the food section).

I’ve added 2 envelopes at the back, this one is for coupons/catalogue pages. Sometimes I’ll go through the junk mail and find things I like, I thought I could rip that page out and slip it in here so that I can refer to it when I actually get to the shops!

This one is for receipts (thanks Dawn!). I think this is a GREAT idea. Every Christmas we try to file away our receipts, but inevitably we lose the receipt for the one toy that breaks! So, I think this will be great for that.

And finally, on the inside cover I’ve added a little pocket for Gift Cards. Toward the end of each year we claim our rewards points from our credit card as Gift cards, which we then put towards Christmas Presents. By putting them here, everything’s in one place!

I was so excited by my planner when it was finished, I decided to make one for my mum and my 2 married sisters. Hopefully this will encourage us to start planning Christmas dinner now!

What do you think? Give one a go, it was so satisfying to make, and I’ve already filled a couple of pages!

Have a happy day!



Christmas Tags November 17, 2010

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I don’t know about you, but I ADORE Dawn McVey! I love her blog, she is the most positive person, and I know, there is a lot we don’t see just from reading a person’s blog, but I always feel uplifted from reading hers (she adds in more than just craft). Anyway, recently she made a batch of Christmas tags using cream and red. I was inspired to make some of my own. These don’t look like Dawn’s, but I have used cream and red on one batch.

This first batch I LOVE! I can’t wait to put them on presents – or even cards!

I started by cutting out 15 tags from a deep red Bazzil cardstock, using my cricut. I have stamped in SU Choc Chip ink the swirl from SU Season of Joy stamp set and the very merry is from SU Short and Sweet.

I then used my cricut to cut out the doily shape from cream cardstock and the star from SU Choc chip cs. I stamped a big circle in the centre of the doily with SU Baja Breeze then layered the star with foam dimensionals, and finally adhered the whole thing with foam dimensionals to the tag. Really simple to put together, and I LOVE the way they turned out (I know, I said it already!!)

This batch took a bit more effort. I wasn’t as pleased with them as they were quite fiddly and didn’t turn out as neat as I would have liked.

Again, I started with 15 tags cut from SU Choc chip CS using my cricut. I then used the little snowflake from SU Short & Sweet to stamp the background in versamark. I cut a strip of the same red as the previous tag and embossed very merry with white embossing powder.

Now, I said this tag was fiddly. See that gorgeous medallion? That’s the fiddly part! I saw this in the¬†SU catalogue when it was first released and gave it a go. It didn’t turn out great then. Dawn used medallions on her tags, and gave a few tips about putting them together (which was a HUGE help). To make the medallion I punched 2 scallop circles from book pages (I picked up a book on a famous cricketer from the op shop for $1.50). Punch a small hole in the centre and cut in from between 2 scallops to the centre, do the same on the second scallop circle. Accordian fold both scallops to make up the two sides of the medallion. Now you adhere the halves together with double sided tape. The fiddly part is getting it to sit flat now. Dawn suggested using foam dimensionals¬†– believe me, plain double sided tape DOES NOT work! I went through quite a few before I reread Dawn’s post and finally got somewhere! Just take the paper off one side of the dimensional and carefully arrange the medallion over it. Then I stamped the snowflake image from SU Season of Joy onto cream cs and punched it out with the 1 1/4 ” circle punch, added a little diamonte in the centre,¬†then used more foam dimensionals to fix it in place on top of the medallion. Finally I used the foam dimensional already on the back of the medallion to adhere it the tag. And they’re done (phew!)

Again – I’m super excited to have these ready to use really soon! Only 5 weeks to Christmas!! Yay

Thanks for stopping in today,




My stunning sister

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I have 2 sisters and a¬†brother still living at home with mum & dad. Last night was the older of the 2 sister’s highschool graduation formal. My beautiful little sister looked STUNNING! I feel a bit old watching my second youngeest sibling graduating from highschool.

Don’t you agree?? She’s gorgeous! She had set in her mind just what she wanted her dress to look like. We looked through¬†a number of formal wear shops, but nothing was quite right. Luckily my oldest sister inherited my mum’s super sewing gene. She created a pattern then sewed up the dress…

I know I’m a terrible photographer, I hope you can see the embroidery along the bottom of the dress and around the waist. That was done by my sister as well (with a machine – but still a lot of work).¬†Jess¬†was going for (and achieved) a Roman Goddess-type look. She was so happy with the finished dress, just what she had imagined.

The same sister is also good with hair, so she did that fantastic hair do (doesn’t¬†her hair¬†look like Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when she has the special dinner with Beast??)

Another sister took on the job of make up artist, and nail painter. They spent a number of hours in the bathroom – it was all worth it. I should probably tell you, Jess is a lot like me. We don’t wear much make up, don’t fuss too much over hair, clothes, etc. It’s not that we don’t care about our appearance, just that makeup and other stuff sometimes seems too much effort and a bit of overkill. So this was a major thing for Jess.

And one last photo. This is the graduation card I made for her

I’ve used a retired SU set for those elegant flowers, Papertrey’s Mat Stack 4 behind them and some twine wrapped around. Simple, neutral. Really this card could be used for any occasion. Click here to see where I got my inspiration.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my beautiful sister! Schoolies week begins Friday, I hope all those school leavers are careful and have lots of wholesome fun!

Thanks for stopping in today! Enjoy the rest of your day!




A scrapbook page in a box November 16, 2010

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I saw a box like this one day when I was just following different links from one blog to another, things that looked interesting. The instructions that I found to make it included a number of layers, but I have only made the one box. (sorry, it’s been so long, I have no idea where I got the instructions from – I think I just googled scrapbook in a box).

Inside¬†are 9 decorated squares. I’ve used 2 sheets of (retired) SU Washington Apple DSP, and SU Cheep Talk stamp set – they go so nicely together! I’ve left space to add photos and a¬†space for journaling. Just something a little bit different from the standard scrapbook page. Now I just have to decide what to do with it – maybe a gift??

Hope you’re having a Super day!!




An engagement card

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Recently a friend became engaged, we were unable to make it to his engaement party, but we did have a gift to give, so I made a card to go with it

These photos really don’t do the card justice, it turned out really prettty. I used some shimmery red paper I had to make the flower and for the red layer of the background. The rest of the card is SU Whisper White CS. I’ve used some wide shimmery white transparent ribbon to wrap behind the flower. The sentiment is stamped in SU Ruby Red ink, using a retired stamp set. And my favourite part is the swirl behind the flower and ribbon. I’ve used the swirl image from SU Season of Joy, stamped in Versamark, sprinkled with heat & Stick powder, then heated it up and sprinkled on SU Dazzling Diamonds. SO Pretty.

Super simple and quick to put together!

Thanks for stopping by ūüôā




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