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A little more Halloween

My husband and I (as I’ve mentioned before) teach a sunday School class at church for Young single Adults (18 – 31 yr olds). I made some Halloween treats for them to enjoy this Sunday

I used the same SVG file that I used for my boys Halloween bonbon, just mini size, and filled them with a mixture of plain and mint mms.

We also have 2 American missionaries serving in our ward at the moment, I thought they might enjoy something sweet too

For these I have used an SVG milk carton file from the blog of another very clever lady, Heather (visit her blog here). The jack-o-lantern is from SVG cuts. We filled them up with lollies and gave them away!

And finally, Sundays are our pancake day -we have them for breakfast every week. This week we were talking to my mother-in-law on skype while making them. She is in Salt Lake City serving a mission for our church, and had just come back from visiting a family. As Salt Lake is populated with a lot of church members, they were celebrating Halloween on Saturday (which it was for her – they’re a day behind). The family she had visited had just had orange pancakes for breakfast! So we thought we would make ours orange too. After the kids mixed up the batter, I cooked them. I tried really hard to shape them to look like pumpkins. And then we all had fun ‘carving’ our pumpkins 🙂 The kids thought it was great (and it was much cheaper than buying a real carving pumpkin – $20!!)

Cute Huh?

Well, that’s it for me. I’m working on some christmas tags that I’ll post hopefully tomorrow, along with a couple of other projects I’ve had on hold for a while (totally forgot I’d made them!)

happy crafting!


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