3D projects, scrapbooking

A scrapbook page in a box

I saw a box like this one day when I was just following different links from one blog to another, things that looked interesting. The instructions that I found to make it included a number of layers, but I have only made the one box. (sorry, it’s been so long, I have no idea where I got the instructions from – I think I just googled scrapbook in a box).

Inside are 9 decorated squares. I’ve used 2 sheets of (retired) SU Washington Apple DSP, and SU Cheep Talk stamp set – they go so nicely together! I’ve left space to add photos and a space for journaling. Just something a little bit different from the standard scrapbook page. Now I just have to decide what to do with it – maybe a gift??

Hope you’re having a Super day!!



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