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My stunning sister

I have 2 sisters and a brother still living at home with mum & dad. Last night was the older of the 2 sister’s highschool graduation formal. My beautiful little sister looked STUNNING! I feel a bit old watching my second youngeest sibling graduating from highschool.

Don’t you agree?? She’s gorgeous! She had set in her mind just what she wanted her dress to look like. We looked through a number of formal wear shops, but nothing was quite right. Luckily my oldest sister inherited my mum’s super sewing gene. She created a pattern then sewed up the dress…

I know I’m a terrible photographer, I hope you can see the embroidery along the bottom of the dress and around the waist. That was done by my sister as well (with a machine – but still a lot of work). Jess was going for (and achieved) a Roman Goddess-type look. She was so happy with the finished dress, just what she had imagined.

The same sister is also good with hair, so she did that fantastic hair do (doesn’t her hair look like Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when she has the special dinner with Beast??)

Another sister took on the job of make up artist, and nail painter. They spent a number of hours in the bathroom – it was all worth it. I should probably tell you, Jess is a lot like me. We don’t wear much make up, don’t fuss too much over hair, clothes, etc. It’s not that we don’t care about our appearance, just that makeup and other stuff sometimes seems too much effort and a bit of overkill. So this was a major thing for Jess.

And one last photo. This is the graduation card I made for her

I’ve used a retired SU set for those elegant flowers, Papertrey’s Mat Stack 4 behind them and some twine wrapped around. Simple, neutral. Really this card could be used for any occasion. Click here to see where I got my inspiration.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my beautiful sister! Schoolies week begins Friday, I hope all those school leavers are careful and have lots of wholesome fun!

Thanks for stopping in today! Enjoy the rest of your day!



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