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The Chore Chart

A number of posts ago I mentioned a great chore chart idea I saw on How Does She? I finally got around to finishing mine!

My kids LOVE it!
I made mine a little different from the example.

I used wood that was less than $2 for the length at Bunnings. So I didn’t ge the exact size 4 x 2, but it was close enough. Also the drill bit I used to cut the small circles in the top of each child’s block was smaller than they used, so for the chore sticks I used paddle pop sticks instead of tongue depressers. I also drilled 2 holes in the top instead of just 1. I thought that the front hole could be for “to do” and the back “done”. That way I can easily see when they’ve completed each job.

 For each child I have assigned 3 “must do” jobs (make bed, tidy room, put clothes away) and then they can choose 1 (or maybe 2 as they get older) other jobs to do each day for one week. For those jobs I have sweep kitchen, wash breakfast dishes, dry dinner dishes, vacuum rugs, tidy verandah, wipe bathroom sink and clear the table. Even my youngest (18mths) has his own block, one day he’ll be big enough to join in properly (although some days he is the BIGGEST helper I have – SO, SO CUTE!)

Anyway, so after cutting and drilling (I started to do this task, but my husband decided it was a man’s job and took over), I covered each block in a colour to suit each child. I’ve used all retired SU DSP. I love how bright it looks! Once I finally got through all that gluing, waiting for it to dry, sanding and then repeating to cover all the sides, I stuck on the vinyl cut with my cricut, and sprayed on the varnish. I think I’ve just used Comic Sans MS as the font. Alison at How Does She, had her base block saying “Chores are fun”, to try and send her kids a subliminal message – what a GREAT idea! I decided to go with “We like to help” so that the word chore was no where to be seen. I hope it makes it more enticing (I can dream – I do that lots!). And as the kids get to choose an extra job, I titled that block as well.

As I said, I got a great reaction from the kids. As I’m typing my 4 year old is over at it trying to get high enough to choose his extra job (we haven’t done that yet as I want to do it each Monday night as part of Family Home Evening). I can report that day 1 (Saturday) has seen the 3 must do jobs completed quickly & enthusiastically!

This was a really fun and simple, if a little time consuming, project.
Wish me luck for the next few weeks as it’s implemented!


3 thoughts on “The Chore Chart”

  1. this is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Can we commission one! I so so need something like this at my house and just cant rap my mind around a chart – this is PERFECT!!! You are so so clever – hope it helps you have a fabulous week! xxx
    PS: Good luck for your class tomorrow night – hope you have lots and lots of fun! xxx xxx xxx

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