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Soap & Lip Balm

I have been absent for a while – due to LIFE! I’ve been busy getting kids back to school and my 2nd youngest started Kindy last week. I had a hard time deciding whether I was happy or sad that he went off without any tears and no clinging to me. He was SO happy to be going. Really I am so glad he was happy to go and enjoyed himself immensly, but my heart strings tugged a little as he has been my most clingy child who has always needed me. And we spent so much time just the two of us while he was having chemotherapy treatment at the age of 1 that we have an extra special bond. Oh well, he’s growing up, and it is a good thing (keep telling myself this and I’ll believe it eventually).

We spent a week away at Mapleton with my parents, brothers and sisters and their families. We go every year together and usually we have a wonderful time swimming, spending time together and most importantly – NO COOKING or CLEANING! 🙂 This year however we left on the Monday of the week of the Brisbane floods. We spent most of the week glued to the television worrying over the devestation that took place. Fortunately all our family members were not affected. My brother and his housemates were evacuated but when they returned the next morning all was well. In the weeks since so many people have reached out to those affected and there is a truly warming spirit here in Queensland, as we all do our part. I feel so blessed to be safe and my heart aches for those who have lost so much.

On a positive note, the Commonwealth Bank last night pledged a HUGE amount of money to the flood relief appeal. They donated $500 000 right away, followed by some very generous donations according to the cricket game played last night between Australia and England. I believe it was $4000 for every 4 that was hit and $6000 for every 6 that was hit. And Weetbix dontated 12 boxes of weetbix for every run that was scored to the food shelters.

I almost feel wrong in diverting this post back to craft…but I wanted to show you the soap and lip balm I made. I purchased some melt and pour soap base, lavender essential oil, dry lavender buds and purple colouring for the soap along with a lip balm base and flavour. It was fairly simple to melt the base and add the colour and essential oil. I used a tupperware container as my mould and sprinkled the lavender buds on top. It turned out quite nice to look at. I’m not so sure it was quite as nice to use. I gave away a couple of pieces as a gift with the lip balm, without using it myself first. It wasn’t a great consistency, but sufficient. I think I also could have added a bit more essential oil – the instructions on the net said 1 – 2%, I don’t think I used that much.

The lip balm was a bit more difficult as the base didn’t melt down very easily. But eventually I got it runny enough to add the flavour. Again, I don’t think I used enough. As it was my first attempt I’m not going to be too hard on myself – I do however hope it wasn’t too yuck for the recipient! (My kids loved their pieces:) )

I’m looking into Cold Process soap making, as this is apparently the only way to make soap completely naturally. However it seems quite a bit more complicated and easy to ruin. I shall give it a go sometime in the near future.

Right -o! time for a little munchkin to go down for a nap!

Happy Crafting!



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