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MRI book

Hi everyone! Today I’m posting a document that I put together for my 4 year old son. He regularly has MRI’s at the Royal Children’s Hospital here in Brisbane. Usually he does this under a general anaesthetic (GA), but recently we went in for a Mock MRI to see how he would go without the GA.

Just for now he’s still not quite ready, so in about a week we’ll head back for the usual GA MRI. But the lovely occupational therapist who showed us around the MRI also showed us a book that helped explain what would happen. My son began Kindergaten (pre-prep) this year and one day he came home talking about a book he was making at Kindy. Turns out he was talking about the “MRI book”. The next day our OT sent through a couple of pages of the book we’d read at the hospital. We thought it would be fun to make up the book and share it with his Kindy class. So I jumped on the internet and googled some pictures and information then put them together in a little story book about Harrison. We printed it out, laminated each page and then bound it together (using my Cinch! – first time I’ve used it, so so easy).

Harrison’s Having an MRI (PDF document)

Harrison’s Having an MRI (word document)

I thought I would post it here for any other parents who might want to share a similar story with their children. Please feel free to save, make changes and print your own story if you would like, by clicking on the links above.

The Kindy class enjoyed hearing about what an MRI is and what Harrison has to do for it.

**Please note, I have NO educational background in MRIs, this is all information that I have gained from attending the hospital and searching the internet. Obviously this is not intended for anything more than a story to help explain to my little boy what happens when he has an MRI**

That’s all for today!

Have a great week 🙂



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