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Thanks Camp Quality

Happy Tuesday to you! Yesterday was a public holiday here and it was so nice to just do nothing for a change! We’ve had so many weekends we’ve had to be somewhere or do something that this weekend was designated as “ours”. And it was great.

 We spent Saturday morning at a mini golf place down the coast thanks to Camp Quality. It looked like rain as we were leaving the house, but it held off and the kids (and mum and dad) had a great time.

 Daddy won the course – there really is no other way it could have ended. Then the kids had a turn on the bungy trampoline! A little apprehensive, they didn’t do any flips, just enoyed bouncing REALLY high. Mum and dad would have loved to have a go – but there was a 50kg weight restriction, bummer :(.

And the generous owner, Darren, provided lunch of Pizza, Sushi, drinks and snacks for all the families who attended.

 I thought, while I’m on the Camp Quality story, I’d post some photos from another family activity we were able attend last month…Footy Fever family fun day! On the Thursday night we all met at Suncorp Stadium for a tour and the opportunity to meet the Bulldogs players

Now, in our household we’re all Broncos supporters, but it was still fun for the kids to line up and get signatures and even a photo or 2!

And then on Friday night we went on a bus into the double header. We only stayed for the Broncos v Manly Sea Eagles game – I didn’t want to keep the kids up too late. Unfortunately the Eagles won, but we still enjoyed watching the game together. I think Harrison’s favourite part of the night though was the bus ride! Hehehehe 🙂

Check out those binoculars!

So, a big thank you to Camp Quality, the Bulldogs and Darren from Mini Golf!

Thanks for listening to my warbling, I’ll be back with a crafty post soon 😉


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