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Wheat bag July 5, 2011

Filed under: 3D projects,Gift Ideas,Sewing — aliessa @ 9:01 am

Here’s a quick and inexpensive gift idea…

I recently made this wheat bag as a brithday gift for a friend. She is pregnant and I thought this would be ideal for all the aches and pains that go along with pregnancy.

A wheat bag is really simple to make. All you need is some fabric of your choice (apparently any type will do, but I have only ever used 100% cotton and courdroy), enough wheat to fill the bag approximately 3/4 full, your sewing machine and cotton to match. Sew up 3 sides of a bag (you choose the size), turn bag right sides out. 3/4 fill the bag with wheat. Turn raw edges of open end in and sew a narrow seam to close the bag. That’s it, you’re done!

To make it a gift, tie some raffia or pretty ribbon around and add an instruction tag. – Wheat bag instructions

Something I would like to try is to add some dried lavender buds with the wheat to give a lovely, relaxing fragrance.

Have you made a wheat bag before? If not maybe you could give it a try! I think I might make some mini ones for the school fete arts and crafts stall.

Thanks for stopping in today. Happy Crafting!






One Response to “Wheat bag”

  1. Gabriela Says:

    Hi Aliessa, yes I have made some before but just for my personal use. After seeing this post I am encouraged to make them as gifts for friends too. I also love the way you wrapped them. So very cute.

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