Cricut, vinyl

I love Vinyl

I know it can’t just be my children that have to pushed every step of the way from the moment I get up each morning until we finally pull up at school, right? It’s not just me is it? Over the years I’ve made various charts to encourage the kids to move a little faster and they’ve all worked for a period of time – ususally until the chart won’t stick to the wall anymore or it’s torn or crushed or peices are missing. So, I was sitting at my kitchen table a few weeks ago, contemplating a new chart. I had watched my daughter that morning perform her usual stall tactics until I gave her a firm “this is what you need to do”, which she then made herself a checklist for. She moved much quicker then and enjoyed ticking off each task as she completed it.

This gave me an idea! As I sat looking at our pantry cupboard and it’s dirty front, I thought, “why can’t I clean that front and use my cricut to cut out vinyl words for a chart?” Why not indeed! So I got to work. I cleared off the cupboard front of the various papers that were blu tacked there, wiped it over and dried it. Then I made a list of tasks I wanted the kids to complete each morning and afternoon. Next I measured the space I had to work with and worked out how big the lettering would need to be.

As you can see, I seperated it into morning and afternoon (because afternoon’s are possibly harder than the mornings as far as homework goes! 🙂 ). Then I have each child’s name with a red dot for each task. I am yet to make their faces to move from one dot to the next as they progress through.

The kids have been super excited about the prospect of the chart – just need mum to get moving on the last little element!

And just so you know – it took qute a long time to get all those words burnished on to the cupboard doors. So if you plan to do anything like this yourself and you have a few kiddies, leave yourself plenty of time. I did it over 2 days, because I was so knackered after one side!

What works for you to get the kids moving? I’d love to know, maybe other’s would too!

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Crafting!



2 thoughts on “I love Vinyl”

    1. Oh Bev! That’s the intention – it’s the kids job to vacuum their own floor. Whether it gets done each morning depends on how much complaining I feel like dealing with 🙂 With the move, it hasn’t been done before school in about 4 weeks! We’ll get back to it, right??

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