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Family Home Evening Blocks February 23, 2012

Recently I helped to run a Relief Society Activity (read women’s activity if you are not LDS) at church. I was able to design a set of Family Home Evening Blocks.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Family Home Evening is, it is a program instigated by our church where we set aside one night a week (the same night usually each week) to spend time together as a family. We have a lesson, an activity, sing some songs, and always it must end with a treat (why else would our kiddies sit still long enough to get through the lesson??). Ususally each family member is assigned to take responsibility for something, hence the assignment blocks

This is what I came up with

Six assignment blocks reading Op Prayer, Scripture, Music, Lesson, Cl Prayer and Treat. These sit on a base block, and each block has a heart stick which will have the name of the family member responsible for that assignment on it.

The night required quite a bit of preparation as we were catering for 30 women! Thankfully I didn’t have to prepare everything on my own. Our Relief Society President and another couple of friends were awesome in helping out. And my loving husband took control of the saw while I held the pine (good thing I trust him – I still have all my fingers). I think we all had fun, and despite some wet paper making the vinyl a little hard to apply, everyone went home happy!

We took a couple of photos of the finished products

A different colour

And this is a larger set (8 blocks, instead of the standard 6), because not everyone has the same amount of kids 🙂

I was asked if this is an item I am selling…the answer is YES! I’m taking a plunge and hoping to start my own little hobby business of vinyl signs and crafts. So if you are interested in anything you see on my blog, please ask if there is no mention of price. Family Home Evening Block sets will be priced at $19 for a standard 6 block set. Add $1 per extra block if you are after a larger set. Sets can easily be customised for your family with assignments that are more applicable to you. For orders contact me via email

Well that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by!

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Our Valentines Day February 21, 2012

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Valentines Day is not something that I have really embraced in the past. This year, however, I came across this ladies blog and saw how she celebrates with her family. SO MUCH LOVE. And it wasn’t about buying lots of things, it was about showing her family how much she loved them. I thought this was a wonderful idea, so, this year our family celebrated Valentines Day!

I started with mailboxes…

I made one for each of the kiddies to put at their bedroom door in the week leading up to Valentines day, to receive love mail from each other (really I figured it would just be from me and Rob, but I was hoping). Each day I put in a little note letting them know mum and dad love them. And they loved checking it each day – and they seemed to cherish the notes 🙂

For Family Home Evening, the night before, we had a lesson on love – God’s love and our love for each other. Then for the activity we made these heart banners. Can you see the jar of red and white lollies sitting on the shelf? That was another little decoration we put up (they are mostly all eaten now!)

For the moment we’ve left these up, because I think they’re pretty.

 On Tuesday night (Valentine’s Day) I decorated the table…

(See the beautiful roses? Rob surprised me with them when he came home from work)

I made special placemats, which were just covered up by the plates.

And dinner was Tacos – easy and everyone loves it, so no complaints!

And the final part of valentine’s day – I made each of the kids a mini album to tell them how much I love them. The idea for this came from the blog I mentioned earlier. I totally copied all her inside parts, but made it applicable to my children. The tutorial for the mini album came from Sandy. This is sooo simple and easy to put together and all from a single A4 sheet of paper! Check out Sandy’s – so creative!

Front cover “Thumb” body loves you, with my thumb print (“borrowed” that idea too).

Anyway, this is the inside of one of the albums

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

and page 5.

On the back I wrote Love from mum and dad Feb 2012. Next project is to make a memory box for each of them, so that, as the years go by, they can keep all these sentimental things I’m giving them and one day look back and enjoy reading through them.

And I’ll leave you with a shot of my beautiful roses. I’m glad I have a photo, because in our sweltering summer heat and humidity they lasted less than a week 😦

I hope you enjoyed your valentine’s day too.

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