Ellia's quilt 3williams quilt 3

A few years ago a friend and I embarked on an adventure to make her soon-to-be-born son a quilt. We designed a barnyard-themed quilt using images from a Chook Shed pattern and soft pastel fabrics! We were both pleased with the outcome.

This unlocked an unknown desire I had to make little quilts! Since then I have made 4 more. One very similar to the first, for my nephew who was born about a year later. However I used bold bright colours for his.

5 months later we had our 3rd child, and I thought I would try my hand at designing the pictures as well. I decided on a jungle animal-themed quilt, and went to work. I gleaned inspiration from all sorts of places, including scrapbooking paper!


 Harrison's quiltHyrum's quilt

In the next year my sister had her second child – a little girl. This gave me an opportunity to explore pretty pinks and other girly things. I chose a garden-theme with dragonfly, butterfly, lady bird and other cute garden critters.

And then finally, this year we had our 4th child – another little boy. This time I wanted to do something more stereotypically “boy”. So engines it was. I had a lot of fun designing each little engine. And after numerous trips to spotlight (aarrggghh!) I finally had it completed the day before he arrived (a week early).

1 thought on “Projects”

  1. I remember these…… hehehehe And what a talented lady you are! Designing it all yourself. These are gorgeous Aliessa! I hadn’t seen Hyrum’s – love it!

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