Baby Beanie

My oldest sister is due to have her 4th baby in the next 2 months. Because there will be basically 9 years between this bub and her youngest, one of my younger sisters and I are throwing a baby shower for them.

We recently sat down to make the invites (40 in total).

We decided to use the little owl from “Fox & Friends”, as the sex of the baby is unknown and owls say “who”. A little play on words, we thought it was cute. On the backside we have printed all the details including an answer to the question who? Baby Beanie! This is the name baby is going by until it is born.

The plan for the baby shower is to have decorations that coordinate with the invite – so little owls everywhere. We’ll see how that pans out, but I’ll be sure to post some piccies if it all goes as planned!

Happy crafting!



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