Cards, Cricut, Sure Cuts A Lot 2

8 Today

In our church children are usually baptised at the age of 8. We believe this is the age of accountability, when they know and can choose right from wrong. On the weekend one of our nieces had her baptism. For her card I wanted to make it special and pretty and feminine. When we are baptised we are dressed in white, which is symbolic of being made clean. So for this card I wanted to work with white, and I added in some pink for the pretty, feminine part.

aah, poor lighting (again!), sorry. I have used an SVG file from SVGcuts to make the pretty flower border, and Comic Sans MS font in SCAL2 to cut out the ‘8 Today’ on my Cricut. So, so simple, but I really think it looks pretty and is exactly as I imagined her card to be.

You’ve got to try it!



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